ENTROPY - Dharmakāya [LP] (pre-order)
ENTROPY - Dharmakāya [LP] (pre-order)
ENTROPY - Dharmakāya [LP] (pre-order)
ENTROPY - Dharmakāya [LP] (pre-order)

ENTROPY - Dharmakāya [LP] (pre-order)

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Dharmakāya by ENTROPY releases August 10th, 2024 by Crazysane Records.

Available on Orange Blue Edition vinyl (limited to 150 copies worldwide), Transparent Orange Edition vinyl (limited to 200 copies worldwide), and Solid Black Edition vinyl (limited to 200 copies worldwide).

Embark on a sonic journey from the mid-90s schoolyard to the present with ENTROPY's latest album 'Dharmakāya.' Infusing Britpop melodies with post-hardcore roots à la Jawbox, shoegaze atmospheres reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and metallic riffing akin to Helmet or Quicksand, ENTROPY invites listeners on a journey of optimism and transformation capturing the essence of past and present in every note. Recorded and mixed by Phil Meyer-Wien at Heavy Kranich Studios and mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio. Artwork design by Benedikt Demmer / Druckwelle Design.

Track Listing

Side A
1. Dharmakāya 04:14
2. Americans Will Save You (In the End) 04:00
3. Don’t Deny Me 04:19
4. Pyrotheology 04:27
5. King of Rain 04:11

Side B
6. Gap-Toothed 03:45
7. Papered Over Some 04:07
8. Olympian 02:53
9. Kenoma 03:47
10. Pleroma 04:06
11. Well/Sad 03:26



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