A Thousand Arms is a multi-faceted enterprise focused on the music scene and its auxiliary aspects. This includes operating as a record label, distribution hub and online marketplace, while also providing services for custom screen-printing, graphic design, merchandise fulfillment, and more via our network of associates. Our reach is international, owing largely to our close partnership with dunk!records, dunk!festival, and the growing number of other foreign records labels, bands and visual artists we consider friends and collaborators.


A Thousand Arms Music established itself as a record label in late 2016 with the official vinyl release of Ranges' 7" 'And The People Cried out for a King'. The label has grown exponentially in the past half-decade with a roster growing to over 20 bands from both the United States and Europe.

Many of our releases are co-released alongside our sister label dunk!records out of Belgium with the majority of our vinyl pressings being manufactured by dunk!pressing. Additionally, we have co-released records with Pelagic Records (Germany), I.Curropt.Records (Germany), Error! Music (Spain), Counsouling Sounds (Belgium), Bird's Robe Collective (Australia), LeRock Psicophonique (Chile) and Post. Recordings (United States). 

In addition to physical releases for our bands, A Thousand Arms Music partners with PR company Young Epoch to curate post-rock centered compilations that are released twice each calendar year in an effort to promote bands from all corners of the world.