The A Thousand Arms Rewards Program has arrived! Earning, saving and spending A1KA Points is your sure fire way to grow your music collection, support the bands and labels you love and save money. With every purchase, friend-referral, social media follow/share you will automatically earn A1KA Points that you can redeem for free shipping on all orders or discounts on A Thousand Arms Music vinyl, CDs and apparel.

Earn A1KA Points by:

  • Joining the A Thousand Arms Family and signing up for a rewards account.
    (200 A1KA Points)
  • Purchasing anything in our online store from any band or label.
    (every $1.00 spent = 5 A1KA Points earned)
  • Liking A Thousand Arms on Facebook and/or following A Thousand Arms on Twitter and/or Instagram.
    (100 A1KA Points each)
  • Celebrating your birthday.
    (200 A1KA Points Automatically)
  • Referring a friend to A Thousand Arms.
    (1000 A1KA Points)

Spend A1KA Points and convert them into:

  • Free Shipping Codes 
  • Discount Codes for A Thousand Arms Music items

Start earning A1KA Points now! Click the A Thousand Arms logo in the bottom right corner of your browser to access the rewards program or signup here.