ANDY AQUARIUS - La Force Aquarienne [Cassette]

ANDY AQUARIUS - La Force Aquarienne [Cassette]

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La Force Aquarienne by Andy Aquarius released September 20th, 2022 by Constellation Tatsu.

Aquarius was in the process of writing another album, the follow up to ‘Chapel’ (Hush Hush, 2021), when multiple voices emerged, each of them holding a distinct energetic signature. Those incantations became ‘La Force Aquarienne,’ a collection of intuitive prayers. The first track, ‘U Lisi’ (Ukrainian for ‘In The Forest’), represents the connective and grounding tissue of our shared dimension. From there the space continues to open up to different layers and degrees, slowly moving into the forest’s polar opposite, the sea (or Nirvana, meaning ‘No Forest’). The Celtic harp, supported by the forces of nature and a subtle orchestration, moves through quiet territories, gently distributing and releasing resonance along the way.

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