DEATH BY GONG - Descalator [LP] (pre-order)
DEATH BY GONG - Descalator [LP] (pre-order)

DEATH BY GONG - Descalator [LP] (pre-order)

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Descalator by DEATH BY GONG releases by Crazysane Records.

Available on Coke Bottle Green Edition vinyl (limited to 200 copies worldwide), and Solid Black Edition vinyl (limited to 200 copies worldwide).

DEATH BY GONG are a new band featuring Jobst M. Feit (RADARE), Peter Voigtmann (SHRVL / ex-THE OCEAN) and Chris Breuer (ZAHN, HEADS.). DESCALATOR is driven by a tension of heavyness and vulnerability, fusing the epic sound of FAILURE or TORCHE with the soft vocal delivery and song craftsmanship of ELLIOTT SMITH, shoegaze guitar clouds in the vein of MY BLOODY VALENTINE and synthetic textures that could be penned by Geoff Barrow (PORTISHEAD, BEAK). A sonic exploration of human decline in all its facets.

The soft vocals delivering their message amidst a din of almost claustrophobia-inducing intensity. Musically it shakes you to the core but the mood like the title suggests is that of a distant removed narrator driving out into the blackness the white lines of the freeway a liberation tinged by the fading red glow of a tired sleeping city. - Everything Is Noise

For mixing and mastering, the band enlisted Joe Joaquin (SLUT, VAN HOLZEN, MUFF POTTER), who helped the band navigate a balance between heavy aggression and pop sensibilities. For the artwork, which abstractly captures the album's thematic core, the band collaborated with internationally acclaimed designer Fabian Bremer (works for TOCOTRONIC, PABST). Bremer—also a member of AUA, VELCROS, and RADARE—additionally makes the only musical guest appearance.

Track Listing

Side A
1. Troy Toy 04:02
2. Until It Breaks 03:58
3. Heavy Air 04:35
4. Angel Cake 08:35

Side B
5. Everything Is Given 04:26
6. Negativity 06:54
7. Descalator 05:29
8. Noise Floor 04:52



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