OK WAIT - Signal [LP]

OK WAIT - Signal [LP]

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Signal by OK WAIT releases June 30th, 2023 by Golden Antenna Records.

Available on 180g Translucent Rubio-Blue vinyl.

OK WAIT, a Hamburg-based trio, is an experimental instrumental band that creates a unique blend of music that defies genre boundaries. With their latest album SIGNAL (release date 30th June 2023), the band takes their sound to new heights, incorporating elements of noise rock, shoegaze, doom, and black metal to create an intense and emotional listening experience.

SIGNAL is a departure from traditional post-rock, with the band experimenting with a raw and abrasive sound that is both beautiful and terrifying. With the help of acclaimed producer Peter Voigtmann (THE OCEAN, Ex-HEADS.), mixing by Scott Evans (KOWLOON WALLED CITY) and mastering by Magnus Lindberg (CULT OF LUNA), the album‘s sound is expertly crafted and expertly executed.

The album features nine diverse tracks that showcase the band‘s dynamic range and versatility. Each song is a journey in itself, with complex arrangements and intricate melodies that keep the listener engaged from start to finish. The band‘s commitment to pushing the boundaries of instrumental music is evident in every note, and SIGNAL is a testament to their dedication to creating something truly unique.

For fans of RUSSIAN CIRCLES, DEAFHEAVEN and SWANS, OK WAIT is a band to watch. Their latest album is a tour de force of instrumental music that showcases their talent, creativity, and passion. With its release on Golden Antenna Records, SIGNAL is sure to make waves in the music world and establish OK WAIT as one of the most exciting and innovative instrumental bands today.

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