PILLARS - Cavum Reimagined [2xLP]
PILLARS - Cavum Reimagined [2xLP]

PILLARS - Cavum Reimagined [2xLP]

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Cavum Reimagined by PILLARS released June 19th, 2020 via A Thousand Arms Music and dunk!records.

180g crystal clear 2xLP vinyl. Reimagined album artwork by L U X I N V I C T U S. Dark front cover with debossed PILLARS logo and light back cover with embossed PILLARS logo. High quality gatefold packaging. Digital download included with vinyl.

Cavum Reimagined includes the second pressing of PILLARS' 2019 album Cavum on sides A and B and a collaborative remix of the album on sides C and D.

Remix Track Listing 
01 - Coda - Tom Morris (Her Name Is Calla)
02 - Solace - Spencer Gill (Tides of Man)
03 - Black Prayer - Jason Sissoyev & Jordan Householder (Coastlands)
04 - Dying Light - zakè & Slow Dancing Society
05 - Dissolution - Ryan Osterman (Holy Fawn)
06 - Escape - Marc Ertel

Far from the average assortment of remixes, Cavum Reimagined is an artful expansion of the ideas present in the original version, a more reflective and patient collection that acts as the other side of the looking glass, as the previously unrealized possibilities reflected over the face of the waters. Arranged to reflect the mirror image of its companion, this new vision of the record begins where Cavum leaves off, with the album-closing “Coda,” and traces its steps backwards, this time around stopping to examine details that may have gone unnoticed during the initial journey. This reimagining is meant to complete the experience of listening to the record, the contemplative Side B to the original version’s emphatic Side A. (David Zeidler - Young Epoch)

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